Rebel Threads

Book design, identity and website for a street fashion bible.


Rebel Threads: Clothing of the Bad, Beautiful & Misunderstood is a new book by stylist and collector Roger K. Burton.

Featuring over 1300 examples of rare vintage clothing from the swing, counterculture and blank generation eras, detailed photographs and factual stories of the clothes origins, alongside many previously unseen fashion and film stills.

The book traces how these distinct street punk styles were originally put together and worn by the predominant teenage sub-cultures that emerged between 1940–1980, and set these kids apart from mainstream fashion.

As well as supporting website and marketing collateral, the book itself was designed by WRB director William Burton.

A brilliant book with some great gear in it, it’s a fascinating story and a very handsome book.
— Robert Elms, BBC Radio London

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