Brand Identity Design

Brand identity – a company name and tagline, a logo design, colours, business cards, a website, image selection, wording – is about making connections with people, it’s the face of your business. How people perceive your brand is crucial to its success.

A good identity not only reflects what you do, it helps your business position itself in the market and stand out from the crowd. It can help you attract the right customers by communicating a distinctive message people can connect and identify with. A strong brand helps drive sales and can even command a higher price: people will pay more for a product or service with the right branding.


Our approach

Every brand design project we do begins with the discovery phase. It’s designed to help us understand, define and clarify what you stand for and what makes your business different. With a solid understanding of who you are and the challenges you face, we’ll be able to design an identity that’s properly aligned with your business goals.


Starting from scratch?

We’ve helped a variety of clients create a new brand to give their business a professional and distinctive presence. From logos and stationery to brochures and websites, we can give you the tools to start building your brand from the ground up.



Things can change quickly in business (and life), so it’s often useful to step back and get some perspective. Whether its market changes, pressure from competition, or evolution of your business, we can help you face the challenges of growth and propose solutions that will improve the perception of your existing brand.

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